Dambisa Moyo / Global / 2009

Leakages of development aid often occur to corruption in local governments; halting aid would bear improvements.

Sarah Baird, Craig McIntosh, and Berk Ozler / Malawi / 2009

A randomized evaluation of conditional cash transfers targeted to improving educational outcomes.

William Easterly / Global / 2009

Easterly examines the common criticisms of development RCTs: ethical concerns, external validity, theoretical paucity, data mining, and limited applicability to macro problems.

Rikhil Bhavani / India / 2009

The author examines a natural experiment in India "in which randomly chosen seats in local legislatures are set aside for women for one election at a time...The data suggest that reservations work in part by introducing into politics women who are able to win elections after reservations are withdrawn and by allowing parties to learn that women can win elections."

Rikhil Bhavani / India / 2009

From the abstract: "Do electoral quotas for women alter women's chances of winning elections after they are withdrawn? I answer this question by examining an unusual natural experiment in India in which randomly chosen seats in local legislatures are set aside for women for one election at a time. "

Erica Field, Rohini Pande, John Papp / India / 2009

From the abstract: "To explore these trade-o?s, we provide experimental estimates of the consequences for client repayment and investment behavior of introducing a grace period before repayment begins. Delaying the onset of repayment by two months signi?cantly increases both business investment and default."

UNESCO / Global / 2009

From the website: "Despite much progress since 2000, millions of children, youth and adults still lack access to good quality education and the benefits it brings. This inequality of opportunity is undermining progress towards achieving Education for All by 2015."

Roger Thurow, Scott Kilman / Global / 2009

A book overviewing the political economy and institutional failures related to famines.

Shawn Cole / India / 2009

From the abstract: "Studying banks in India, [the author] find[s] that government-owned bank lending tracks the electoral cycle, with agricultural credit increasing by 5-10 percentage points in an election year. There is signicant cross-sectional targeting, with large increases in districts in which the election is particularly close."

Angus Deaton, Jean Dreze / India / 2009

Caloric intake has declined in India. Some argue this is due to reduced physical activity or improvements in the health environment. Yet anthropometric indicators still indicate under-nourishment in the population.