Worms at work: Long-run impacts of child health gains
Sarah Baird, Joan Hamory Hicks, Michael Kremer, Edward Miguel / Kenya / 2010

Examines the long-run effects of deworming on a sample of children who were treated more than 10 years ago.

Atila Abdulkadiroglu, Joshua Angrist, Susan Dynarski, Thomas Kane, Parag Pathak / USA / 2009

From the abstract: "This paper estimates the impact of charter school attendance on student achievement using data from Boston, where charter schools enroll a growing share of students...Estimates using student assignment lotteries show large and significant test score gains for charter lottery winners in middle and high school."

A.J. Porcelli, M.R. Delgado / 2009

From the abstract: "The objective of this experiment was to probe the impact of exposure to acute stress on ?nancial decision making and examine the particular in?uence of stress on decisions with a positive or negative valence."

Will Dobbie, Roland Fryer / USA / 2009

From the abstract: "Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ), which combines community investments with reform minded charter schools, is one of the most ambitious social experiments to alleviate poverty of our time. We provide the first empirical test of the causal impact of HCZ on educational outcomes, with an eye toward informing the long-standing debate whether schools alone can eliminate the achievement gap or whether the issues that poor children bring to school are too much for educators alone to overcome."

Suresh del Mel, David McKenzie, Christopher Woodruff / Sri Lanka / 2009

From the abstract: "This paper analyzes data from a randomized experiment on mean returns to capital in Sri Lankan micro-enterprises. The findings show greater returns among men than among women; indeed, returns were not different from zero for women. The authors explore different explanations for the lower returns among female owners, and find no evidence that the gender gap is explained by differences in ability, risk aversion, or entrepreneurial attitudes."

Shawn Cole, Xavier Gine, Jeremy Tobacman, Petia Topalova, Robert Townsend, James Vickery / India / 2009

From the abstract: "[The authors] use a series of randomized field experiments in rural India to test the importance of price and non-price factors in the adoption of an innovative rainfall insurance product."

Leonard Wantchekon / Benin / 2009

From the abstract: "This paper provides experimental evidence on the e

Abhijit Banerjee, Donald Green, Jennifer Green, Rohini Pande / India / 2009

From the abstract: "We conducted field experiments in rural India to examine the responsiveness of voter preferences to priming about the relevance of ethnicity and politician quality for service delivery. We used vignette experiments to examine how voter preferences vary with information about politician quality. We nd strong evidence that ethnic preferences are malleable."

David Theis / Global / 2009

From the website: "The spreading global economic crisis is trapping up to 53 million more people in poverty in developing countries and, with child mortality rates set to soar, poses a serious threat to achieving internationally agreed targets to overcome poverty, the World Bank Group said."