United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs / Global / 2010

From the summary: "This annual report presents the most comprehensive global assessment of progress to date, based on data provided by a large number of international organizations within and outside the United Nations system."

United Nations / Global / 2010

An overview of progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, with a 5-year plan on how to achieve them all by the deadline of 2015.

Abhijit Banerjee, Sendhil Mullainathan / Global / 2010

An application of behavioral economics theory, in particular in relation to temptation and discount rates, and its interaction with poverty.

Uwezo Uganda / Uganda / 2010

From the abstract: "Uwezo Uganda has released the first ever large scale citizen led national assessment of learning. A total of 1,620 volunteers visited 16,200 households in 27 districts. The results show that 15 % of children sampled in P7 could not solve class 2 level numeracy tasks."

Thomas Fujiwara / Brazil / 2010

From the abstract: "This paper studies the effects of an electronic voting technology that introduced visual aids in Brazilian elections and facilitated voting for the less educated. Estimates exploiting a regression discontinuity design embedded in its phase-in through time indicate that electronic voting reduced residual (error-ridden and uncounted) votes and generated the de facto enfranchisement of a large fraction (11%) of the electorate."

Pascaline Dupas / Kenya / 2010

In a field experiment in Kenya, the author demonstrates that demand for health products was sensitive to price, but insensitive to marketing framing or gender effects.

Joshua Angrist, Susan Dynasrki, Thomas Kane, Parag Pathak, Christopoher Walters / USA / 2010

From the abstract: "Charter schools affiliated with the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) are emblematic of the No Excuses approach to public education...We use applicant lotteries to evaluate the impact of KIPP Academy Lynn, a KIPP charter school that is mostly Hispanic and has a high concentration of limited English proficiency (LEP) and special-need students, groups that charter critics have argued are typically under-served."

World Health Organization / Global / 2010

An overview of global malaria prevalence statistics.

Pascaline Dupas, Jonathan Robinson / Kenya / 2010
Why Nations Fail
Daron Acemoglu, James Robinson / Global / 2010

An exploration of democracy's links with development; forthcoming.