Pay up - or we'll send the eunuchs to see you: Debt collectors in India have found an effective new way to get their money
Julian West / India / 1999

Article examining the various methods of loan collection used in India.

Anuradha De, Jean Dreze / India / 1999

An extensive survey of 200 villages in India, examining education inputs and outcomes.

Steven Spencer, Claude Steele, Diane Quinn / USA / 1999

An experiment was conducted where it was found that women performed poorly when anticipating a "stereotype threat" - i.e. when taking a test which they had been told women stereotypically did worse on.

Joshua Angrist, William Evans / USA / 1998

From the abstract: "Research on the labor-supply consequences of childbearing is complicated by the endogeneity of fertility. This study uses parental preferences for a mixed sibling-sex composition to construct instrumental variables (IV) estimates of the effect of childbearing on labor supply."

David Barker / 1997

From the abstract: "Using four data sets from the US and the UK, we find that the height premium in adult earnings can be explained by childhood scores on cognitive tests."

Gary Becker, Casey Mulligan / 1997

A theoretical analysis of time preference. "Our analysis shows how wealth, mortality, addictions, uncertainty, and other variables affect the degree of time preference."

Food and Agricultural Organization / Global / 1996

A report on food security challenges and potential solutions.

Christopher Udry, / Burkina Faso / 1996

From the abstract: "[The author] find[s] that plots controlled by women have significantly lower yields than similar plots within the household planted with the same crop in the same year, but controlled by men. The yield differential is attributable to significantly higher labor and fertilizer inputs per acre on plots controlled by men."

Andrew Foster and Mark Rosenzweig / India / 1996

Examining the period of the Green Revolution in India, "the returns to (primary) schooling increased during a period of rapid technical progress, particularly in areas with the highest growth rates."