Daron Acemoglu, Simon Johnson, James Robinson / Global / 2001

From the abstract: "We exploit differences in European mortality rates to estimate the effect of institutions on economic performance. Europeans adopted very different colonization policies in different colonies, with different associated institutions...Exploiting differences in European mortality rates as an instrument for current institutions, we estimate large effects of institutions on income per capita."

Jeffrey Sachs, John Gallup / 2001

Malaria and economic growth are highly, negatively correlated across a number of countries - not just in Africa. Other diseases do not have as strong an effect.

William Easterly / Global / 2001

From the abstract: "In this book, Easterly shows how these solutions all violate the basic principles of economics, that people-private individuals and businesses, government officials, even aid donors

Stuart Rutherford / Global / 2001

An examination of the savings behavior of the poor.

Center for Disease Control / USA / 2000

Data on the US population's caloric intake; 1999-2000.

Paul Glewwe, Michael Kremer, Sylvie Moulin / Kenya / 2000

After textbooks were randomly distributed in Kenyan schools, test scores only increased for those who were already in the top quintile of academic achievement.

World Health Organization (WHO) / Global / 2000
Elaina Rose / India / 1999

Favorable rainfall shocks increase the ratio of the probability of a girl surviving to the probability of a boy surviving.

Amartya Sen / Global / 1999

Sustainable development depends on civil freedoms and political liberties. Capacity-building is an integral part of successful economic growth.

Andrew Foster, Mark Rosenzweig / India / 1999

The authors examine the custom of sending girls away after marriage to live in the husband's village, and how development policies taking this into account could affect the problem of "missing" women.