Emily Oster / Europe / 2004

From the abstract: "This paper explores the possibility that the witchcraft trials are a large-scale example of violence and scapegoating prompted by a deterioration in economic conditions."

Raghabendra Chattopadhyay, Esther Duflo / India / 2004

This paper uses political reservations for women in India to study the impact of women

World Bank / Global / 2004

Success in reaching the MDGs will depend not just on faster economic growth and the flow of resources, but on the ability to translate those resources into basic services, especially in health, education, water, and sanitation. Too often, the delivery of services falls far short of what could be achieved, especially for the poor.

Leonard Wantchekon / Benin / 2003

From the abstract: "This article reports on a randomized field experiment designed and implemented in the context of the first round of the 2001 presidential elections in Benin in order to provide a nuanced and parsimonious investigation of the impact of clientelism on voting behavior. The empirical results show that clientelism works for all types of candidates but particularly well for regional and incumbent candidates. The results indicate that women voters have stronger preference for public goods than do men and that younger and older voters have similar policy preferences."

William A. Hawley, Penelope A. Phillips-Howard, Feiko O. Ter Kuile, Dianne J. Terluow, John M. Vaulule, Maurice Ombok, Bernard L. Nahlen, John E. Gimnig, Simon K. Kariuki, Margarette S. Kolczak, Allen W. Hightower / Kenya / 2003

From the abstract: "Spatial analyses of the effect of insecticide (permethrin)-treated bed nets (ITNs) on nearby households both with and without ITNs was performed in the context of a large-scale, group-randomized, controlled mortality trial in Asembo, western Kenya. Results illustrate a protective effect of ITNs on compounds lacking ITNs located within 300 meters of compounds with ITNs for child mortality, moderate anemia, high-density parasitemia, and hemoglobin levels."

Chris Spohr / Taiwan / 2003

Another natural experiment (Taiwan extends tuition-free schooling from 6 to 9 years), the author finds strong economic returns to education among women.

Esther Duflo / South Africa / 2003

From the abstract: "This article evaluates the impact of a large cash transfer program in South Africa on children's nutritional status and investigates whether the gender of the recipient affects that impact...Estimates suggest that pensions received by women had a large impact on the anthropometric status (weight for height and height for age) of girls but little effect on that of boys. No similar effect is found for pensions received by men."

Kaivan Mushi / USA, Mexico / 2003

From the abstract: "This paper attempts to identify job networks among Mexican migrants in the U. S. labor market. The empirical analysis uses data on migration patterns and labor market outcomes, based on a sample of individuals belonging to multiple origin-communities in Mexico, over a long period of time.

Nicholas Van de Walle / sub-Saharan Africa / 2003

From the abstract: "This paper analyses the parties and party systems that have begun to emerge in sub-Saharan Africa

Marcel Fafchamps, Susan Lund / Philippines / 2003

Using data from rural Filipino households, examines how these households respond to shocks. The authors find the use of informal networks - family and friends - which offer flexible, zero interest loans.