C. Lengeler / sub-Saharan Africa / 2004

From the abstract: "Objective: To assess the impact of insecticide-treated bed nets or curtains on mortality, malarial illness (life-threatening and mild), malaria parasitaemia, anaemia, and spleen rates."

Esther Duflo, Christopher Udry / Cote d'Ivoire / 2004

Examining agricultural plots by gender, the authors find discrimination against female labor and income potential. "Different sources of income are allocated to different uses depending upon both the identity of the income earner and upon the origin of the income"

Paul Schultz / Mexico / 2004

A randomized evaluation of the PROGRESA program in Mexico; a program where conditional cash transfers led to educational improvements.

Samuel M. McClure, David I. Laibson, George Loewenstein, Jonathan D. Cohen / USA / 2004

From the abstract: "Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we examined the neural correlates of time discounting while subjects made a series of choices between monetary reward options that varied by delay to delivery. We demonstrate that two separate systems are involved in such decisions. "

Robert Fogel / Global / 2004

An overview of health, nutrition and technological development over the last three centuries.

C.K. Pralahad / Global / 2004

Examines the market characteristics and consumption strength of the "bottom of the pyramid (BOP)", promoting a profitable anti-poverty business model.

Ritva Reinikka, Jakob Svensson / Uganda / 2004

From the abstract: "This paper exploits an unusual policy experiment to evaluate the e?ects of increased public access to information as a tool to reduce capture and corruption of public funds."

World Health Organization / Global / 2004

An overview of sanitation-related illnesses, and their impacts on development.

Lorna Fewtrell, John M. Colford Jr. / Global / 2004

A meta-analysis of different water quality interventions indicates that improving sanitation systems - particularly multifaceted interventions addressing water supply, sanitation and hygiene education - greatly reduces diarrhoea.

Abhijit Banerjee, Angus Deaton and, Esther Duflo / India / 2004

An exploration of the relationship between health and wealth, addressing in particular whether access to health care has a large independent effect.