J. Bryce, C. Boschi-Pinto, K. Shibuya, R.E. Black / Global / 2005

"Child survival efforts can be effective only if they are based on accurate information about causes of deaths. Here, we report on a 4-year effort by WHO to improve the accuracy of this information."

Karla Hoff, Priyank Pandey / India / 2004

From the abstract: "The authors present experimental evidence that a history of social and legal disabilities may have persistent effects on a group's earnings through its impact on individuals'expectations."

Duncan Thomas, Elizabeth Frankenberg, Jed Friedman / Indonesia / 2004

An ongoing study of 17,000 individuals in Indonesia tracks the relationship between health and economic outcomes. Addressing iron deficiency has significant impact of earnings potential among certain groups (e.g. anemic men).

Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo / India / 2004

From the abstract: "We begin the paper by laying out a simple methodology that allows us to determine whether ?rms are credit constrained, based on how they react to changes in directed lending programs."

Vida Maralani / Indonesia / 2004

The author examines the correlation between family size and schooling, which varies in sign and strength depending on which cohort one examines (rural/urban, income groups).

Erica Field / Peru / 2004

Using a randomized field experiment, the author finds that land titling impacts fertility choices - most likely via increased female bargaining power.

Ambrose Talisuna, Peter Bloland, and Umberto d / Global / 2004

From the abstract: "The rapid spread of antimalarial drug resistance currently compounds this grim picture. In this paper, we review the history of antimalarial drug resistance and the methods for monitoring it and assess the current magnitude and burden of parasite resistance to two commonly used drugs: chloroquine and sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine. "

Abhijit Banerjee, Kaivan Munshi / India / 2004

From the abstract: "This paper studies the effect of community identity on investment behaviour in the knitted garment industry in the South Indian town of Tirupur. We document very large and systematic differences in both levels of capital stock and the capital intensity of production in firms owned by people from two different community groups."

Eric Gould, Victor Lavy, M. Daniele Paserman / Israel / 2004

Exploiting a natural experiment, the authors find "that the early school environment has an important effect on high school dropout and repetition rates and on end-of-high-school matriculation exams."

Obinna Onwujekwe, Kara Hanson and Julia Fox-Rushby / Nigeria / 2004

From the abstract: "The lower economic status quintiles were less likely to have previously purchased untreated nets and also had a lower hypothetical and actual [willingness to pay (WTP)] for ITNs."