Robert Jensen / India / 2010

A randomized evaluation of providing jobs in rural India: "we provided three years of recruiting services to help young women in randomly selected Indian villages get jobs in the business process outsourcing industry. Girls in treatment villages were more likely to be in school and had greater measured BMI."

World Bank / Egypt / 2010

An overview of the Egyptian food subsidy system, its leakages, and policy options.

Bruno Crepon, Florencia Devoto, Esther Duflo, William Pariente / Morocco / 2010

A randomized evaluation of microcredit in Morocco.

Dean Karlan, Isaac Osei-Akoto, Robert Osei, Chris Udry / Global / 2010

A rainfall insurance product was offered; it was noted that information may impede take-up of insurance products. Also, payouts were variable - with many receiving none, but the few who received payouts receiving more than ten times the premium amount.

Fertility and Savings: Micro-Evidence for the Life-Cycle Hypothesis from Family Planning in China
Abhijit Banerjee, Xin Meng, Nancy Qian / China / 2010

A study examining the extent to and manner in which parents depend on filial support in old age, and what effects fertility has on household savings.

Scott Fulford / India / 2010

From the abstract: "Using consistent consumption data that cover a much longer time period than most studies, my empirical findings show that increased access to bank branches in rural India increased consumption initially, but consumption later fell, although the long term effect was still slightly positive."

Roland Fryer / USA / 2010

From the abstract: "This paper describes a series of school-based randomized trials in over 250 urban schools designed to test the impact of ?nancial incentives on student achievement. In stark contrast to simple economic models, our results suggest that student incentives increase achievement when the rewards are given for inputs to the educational production function, but incentives tied to output are not effective."

Tim Besley, Torsten Persson / Global / 2010

From the website: "It is widely recognized that fragile states are key symptoms of under-development in many parts of the world. Such states are incapable of delivering basic services to their citizens and political violence is commonplace...This paper puts forward a framework for analyzing fragile states and applies it to a variety development policies in different types of states."

Jessica Cohen, Pascaline Dupas / Kenya / 2010

Using a field experiment in Kenya, the authors demonstrate that offering pregnant women free insecticide-treated bednets did not impact use. Demand, however, was highly sensitive to increasing prices, even at subsidized cost-sharing levels.

Food and Agricultural Organization / Global / 2010

From the website: "The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that over a billion people do not have enough to eat."