Jishnu Das, Jeffrey Hammer and Kenneth Leonard / India, Indonesia, Tanzania, Paraguay / 2008

From the abstract: "This paper provides an overview of recent work on quality measurement of medical care and its correlates in four low and middle-income countries-India, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Paraguay."

William Easterly / Global / 2008

In lieu of the unpredictability of growth and development, and the subsequent inability to find or create "development experts", Easterly argues that "economic and political freedom" - as described by Friederich Hayek - is the key to allowing self-driven development.

B.P. Ramos, A.F.T. Arnsten / 2007

From the abstract: "Norepinephrine (NE) has widespread projections throughout the brain, and thus, is ideally positioned to orchestrate neural functions based on arousal state. "

Ummul Ruthbah / Bangladesh / 2007

An evaluation of a family planning program and its effects on household savings decisions.

Tarun Khanna / China, India / 2007

An examination of grass-roots business development and its effects of a macro scope on economic growth, both at the national and international levels.

Nava Ashraf, James Berry, and Jesse Shapiro / Zambia / 2007

In a field experiment in Zambia, the authors randomize the price subsidies given for a home water purification solution. They find that high priced health products screen out low-use households. There is no evidence of a psychological "sunk cost" effect (i.e. where free goods are used as cheap, and expensive goods enjoy higher use).

Abhijit Banerjee, Rukmini Banerji, Esther Duflo, Rachel Glennerster, Daniel Kenniston, Stuti Khemani, Marc Shotland / India / 2007

A baseline study of information awareness, and the need for it, in rural Uttar Pradesh.

Andrew Foster, Mark Rosenzweig / South Asia / 2007

From the abstract: "This chapter considers the linkages between agricultural development and rural non-farm activities. The chapter is motivated by growing evidence that non-farm activities provide an increasingly important share of rural incomes in many low-income questions, questions about whether increasing agricultural productivity is a necessary precondition for raising incomes and reducing poverty in rural areas, and increased evidence of factor and commodity flows between rural and urban areas."

Abhijit Banerjee, Rohini Pande / India / 2007

From the abstract: "This paper examines how increased voter ethnicization, defined as a greater preference for the party representing one's ethnic group, aspects politician quality."

T. Paul Schultz, Shareen Joshi / Bangladesh / 2007

A family planning program conducted in rural Bangladesh was found to reduce fertility and produce indirect benefits in women's health, household assets, women's activities outside of the house, use of preventative inputs, and others.