Cesar G. Victora, Linda Adair, Caroline Fall, Pedro C. Hallal, Reynaldo Martorell, Linda Richter, Harshpal Singh Sachdev / Global / 2008

From the abstract: "In this paper we review the associations between maternal and child undernutrition with human capital and risk of adult diseases in low-income and middle-income countries."

Nancy Qian / China / 2008

From the abstract: "This paper uses exogenous increases in sex-speci?c agricultural income caused by post-Mao reforms in China to estimate the e?ects of total income and sex-speci?c income on sex-di?erential survival of children."

Thaler, Richard H. and Cass R. Sunstein / Global / 2008

An exploration of behavioral economics and its explanations for the irrational and counter-productive behaviors people engage in.

Esther Duflo, Pascaline Dupas, Michael Kremer / Kenya / 2008

Using a randomized field experiment, the authors find that tracking, or working with high-achieving peers, has positive effects on educational outcomes. The authors also found that being assigned to a low-achievement tracking group had negative effects on teacher effort.

Erica Field, Rohini Pande / India / 2008

From the abstract: "In this paper we use data from a field experiment which randomized client assignment to a weekly or monthly repayment schedule and find no significant effect of type of repayment schedule on client delinquency or default. Our findings suggest that, among micro-finance clients who are willing to borrow at either weekly or monthly repayment schedules, a more flexible schedule can significantly lower transaction costs without increasing client default."

Suresh Del Mel, David McKenzie, Christopher Woodruff / Sri Lanka / 2008

From the abstract: "The authors use a randomized experiment...to measure the return to capital for the average microenterprise."

Dale Whittington, W. Michael Hanemann, Claudia Sadoff, and Marc Jeuland / Global / 2008
Eliana La Ferrara, Alberto Chong, Suzanne Duryea / Brazil / 2008

A study examining the fertility (and child naming) impacts of soap opera dissemination in Brazil.

Anne Case, Christina Paxson / USA, UK / 2008

From the abstract: "Using four data sets from the US and the UK, we find that the height premium in adult earnings can be explained by childhood scores on cognitive tests."

Marcel Fafchamps, Forhad Shilpi / Nepal / 2008

From the abstract: "We find a relative consumption effect that is robust, strong in magnitude, and consistent across consumption expenditure categories. We find no evidence that poor households -- in a relative or absolute sense -- care less about relative consumption than more fortunate ones."