Felipe Barrera-Osorio, Marianne Bertrand, Leigh Linden, Francisco Perez Calle / Colombia / 2008

Randomizing over a number of interventions (CCTs, postponed CCTs, and graduation-conditional transfers), the authors find that transfers impacted educational outcomes. They also noted that siblings of treated students sometimes exhibited decreased schooling.

Joanne Yoong / India / 2008

From the abstract: "We study the impact of decentralizing reforms in the district-health system on a critical public health intervention, routine childhood immunization, in Madhya Pradesh, one of the largest and poorest states in India."

Attila Ambrus, Erica Field / Bangladesh / 2008

Using variation in age of menarche, each year of delayed marriage generates benefits in educational attainment and future earnings.

David McKenzie, Christopher Woodruff / Mexico / 2008

From the abstract: "We report on the results of a randomized experiment which gave cash and in-kind grants to small retail firms, providing an exogenous shock to capital. We find that this shock generated large increases in profits, with the effects concentrated on firms which were more financially constrained."

Claudio Ferraz, Frederico Finan / Brazil / 2008

From the abstract: "This paper uses publicly released audit reports to study the effects of disclosing information about corruption practices on electoral accountability."

Andrew Kuper / 2008

From the article: "Insurers should think small to tap into one of their biggest opportunities for growth: serving poor people."

Robert Jensen, Nolan Miller / China / 2008

From the abstract: "Subsidizing the prices of dietary staples for extremely poor households in two provinces of China, we find strong evidence of Giffen behavior for rice in Hunan, and weaker evidence for wheat in Gansu."

Esther Duflo, Michael Kremer, Jonathan Robinson / Kenya / 2008

From the abstract: "Beginning in July 2000, a series of six field trials over three years were designed to ascertain the profitability of fertilizer on farms in Busia District, a relatively poor rural district in Western Kenya."

Trang Nguyen / Madagascar / 2008

Using a field experiment which randomizes the intervention of increased information for schooling, the author finds that providing statistical information on returns to education impacts actual education choices by parents.

William Easterly / Global / 2008

From the article: "A large research program in economics has established a persuasive link between institutions and economic development. But what does this imply for development policymaking? Can a political leader or aid agency seeking to promote development readily change institutions?"