Peter Singer / Global / 2009

Examines the motivations behind charitable giving, and offers guidance on donation amounts and organizations.

Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, Rachel Glennerster, Cynthia Kinnan / India / 2009

From the abstract: "This paper reports on the first randomized evaluation of the impact of introducing microcredit in a new market. Half of 104 slums in Hyderabad, India were randomly selected for opening of an MFI branch while the remainder were not. We show that the intervention increased total MFI borrowing, and study the e§ects on the creation and the proÖtability of small businesses, investment, and consumption."

Nathan Nunn, Nancy Qian / Europe / 2009

From the abstract: "Our results show that the introduction of the potato was responsible for a significant portion of the increase in population and urbanization observed during the 18th and 19th centuries."

Paul Collier / Global / 2009

Collier studies the post-Cold War spread of democratic institutions, and how the relative strength of those institutions engendered more or less corruption and related economic performance.

World Health Organization / Global / 2009
Seema Jayachandran, Ilyana Kuziemko / India / 2009

Preference for male children results in female infants being weaned earlier than males.

William Easterly / Iraq, Afghanistan, USA / 2009

A critical view of the US military's interventionist policies rationalized using "utopian" development agendas, as seen in the US Army Stability Operations Field Manual.

David Atkin / Mexico / 2009

The author demonstrates that women working in an export manufacturing factory had significantly taller children.

World Health Organization / Global / 2009

From the website: "The World malaria report 2009 describes the global distribution of cases and deaths, how WHO-recommended control strategies have been adopted and implemented in endemic countries, sources of funding for malaria control, and recent evidence that prevention and treatment can alleviate the burden of disease."

Jeffrey Sachs / Global / 2008

An overview of environmental, demographic and economic issues, and how developed countries can cooperate to address them.