Pascaline Dupas / Kenya / 2011

A randomized field experiment investigating the effect of sexual health education on sexual behavior in Kenyan teenagers; the "results suggest that teenagers are responsive to risk information but their sexual behavior is more elastic on the intensive than on the extensive margin."

Microfinance Information eXchange / 2011

Self-reported database of financial information for a large sample of MFIs around the world.

Eric Gould, Victor Lavy, Daniele Paserman / Israel / 2011

From the abstract: "This paper estimates the effect of the early childhood environment on a large array of social and economic outcomes lasting almost 60 years. To do this, we exploit variation in the living conditions experienced by Yemenite children after being airlifted to Israel in 1949."

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Global / 2011

A historical overview of malaria.

Monica Martinez-Bravo, Gerard Padro-i-Miquel, Nancy Qian, Yang Yao / China / 2010

From the abstract: "This paper studies the impact of an increase in local leader accountability within an authoritarian regime by examining the effect of the introduction of village level elections in rural China. We collect a unique nationwide survey on the history of electoral reforms in 217 rural Chinese villages (1980-2005) and exploit variation in the timing of the introduction of elections to establish the causal e

Mauro Alem and Robert Townsend / Thailand / 2010

Using panel data from 960 Thai households, the authors examine consumption and investment smoothing, and how they respond to available financial institutions (both formal and informal).

Benjamin Feigenberg, Erica Field, Rohini Pande / India / 2010

From the abstract: "[The authors] exploit[s] experimental variation in repayment meeting frequency across micro nance groups to show that more frequent interaction among group members builds social capital and improves their financial outcomes."

Richard Akresh, Emilie Bagby, Damien de Walque, Harounan Kazianga / Burkina Faso / 2010

From the abstract: "Using data we collected in rural Burkina Faso, we examine how children

Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab / Global / 2010

An overview of the results from various health-related RCTs conducted by the Poverty Action Lab.