Pascaline Dupas / Kenya / 2011

A randomized field experiment investigating the effect of sexual health education on sexual behavior in Kenyan teenagers; the "results suggest that teenagers are responsive to risk information but their sexual behavior is more elastic on the intensive than on the extensive margin."

Grant Miller / Colombia / 2010

Exploiting the haphazard expansion of Colombia's family planning program, PROFAMILIA, the author found that postponing firth births enabled women to "obtain more education, work more, and live independently in later life."

Fertility and Savings: Micro-Evidence for the Life-Cycle Hypothesis from Family Planning in China
Abhijit Banerjee, Xin Meng, Nancy Qian / China / 2010

A study examining the extent to and manner in which parents depend on filial support in old age, and what effects fertility has on household savings.

United Nations / Global / 2010

An overview of progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, with a 5-year plan on how to achieve them all by the deadline of 2015.

Jane Forston / sub-Saharan Africa / 2009

From the abstract: "This paper studies the response of fertility to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa...My results suggest that HIV/AIDS had very little impact on fertility, both overall and in a sample of HIV-negative women."

Erica Field, Nava Ashraf, Jean Lee / Zambia / 2009

This paper tests the role of spousal discordance in fertility preferences in explaining low rates of contraceptive use and high rates of unwanted births through a field experiment in Zambia.

World Health Organization / Global / 2009
Seema Jayachandran, Ilyana Kuziemko / India / 2009

Preference for male children results in female infants being weaned earlier than males.

Jeffrey Sachs / Global / 2008

An overview of environmental, demographic and economic issues, and how developed countries can cooperate to address them.

Attila Ambrus, Erica Field / Bangladesh / 2008

Using variation in age of menarche, each year of delayed marriage generates benefits in educational attainment and future earnings.