Michael Kremer, Edward Miguel, Rebecca Thornton / Kenya / 2007

From the abstract: "We report results from a randomized evaluation of a merit scholarship program in Kenya in which girls who scored well on academic exams at the end of 6th grade had their school fees paid and received a cash grant for school supplies over the next two years. In the sample as a whole, girls eligible for the scholarship showed substantial gains in academic exam scores, and teacher attendance also improved significantly in program schools."

Shin-Yi Chou, Jin-Tan Liu, Michael Grossman, Theodore Joyce / Taiwan / 2007

Using the same natural experiment in Taiwan, the authors find long-run infant health impacts of maternal schooling.

Abhijit Banerjee, Shawn Cole, Esther Duflo, Leigh Linden / India / 2007

From the abstract: "This paper presents the results of two randomized experiments conducted in schools in urban India. A remedial education program hired young women to teach students lagging behind in basic literacy and numeracy skills. It increased average test scores of all children in treatment schools by 0.28 standard deviation, mostly due to large gains experienced by children at the bottom of the test-score distribution."

Todd Moss, Gunilla Pettersson, Nicolas van de Walle / Global / 2006

From the abstract: "Does foreign aid help develop public institutions and state capacity in developing countries? In this Working Paper, the authors suggest that despite recent calls for increased aid to poor countries by the international community, there may be an aid-institutions paradox."

Joshua Angrist, Eric Bettinger, Michael Kremer / Colombia / 2006

Another study examining the Colombian government's vouchers program - here, the authors find long-term educational impacts (secondary school graduation rates increase, as do test scores).

Nazmul Chaudhury, Jeffrey Hammer, Michael Kremer, Karthik Muralidharan, Halsey Rogers / Bangladesh, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Peru, Uganda / 2006

A multi-country study that examines teacher absenteeism. From the abstract: "We find that absence rates are generally higher in poorer regions. Absence is typically fairly widespread, rather than being concentrated on a small number of 'ghost' workers."

Pratham / India / 2005
Karla Hoff, Priyank Pandey / India / 2004

From the abstract: "The authors present experimental evidence that a history of social and legal disabilities may have persistent effects on a group's earnings through its impact on individuals'expectations."

Eric Gould, Victor Lavy, M. Daniele Paserman / Israel / 2004

Exploiting a natural experiment, the authors find "that the early school environment has an important effect on high school dropout and repetition rates and on end-of-high-school matriculation exams."

Paul Schultz / Mexico / 2004

A randomized evaluation of the PROGRESA program in Mexico; a program where conditional cash transfers led to educational improvements.