Dale Whittington, W. Michael Hanemann, Claudia Sadoff, and Marc Jeuland / Global / 2008
Anne Case, Christina Paxson / USA, UK / 2008

From the abstract: "Using four data sets from the US and the UK, we find that the height premium in adult earnings can be explained by childhood scores on cognitive tests."

Jishnu Das, Jeffrey Hammer and Kenneth Leonard / India, Indonesia, Tanzania, Paraguay / 2008

From the abstract: "This paper provides an overview of recent work on quality measurement of medical care and its correlates in four low and middle-income countries-India, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Paraguay."

Nava Ashraf, James Berry, and Jesse Shapiro / Zambia / 2007

In a field experiment in Zambia, the authors randomize the price subsidies given for a home water purification solution. They find that high priced health products screen out low-use households. There is no evidence of a psychological "sunk cost" effect (i.e. where free goods are used as cheap, and expensive goods enjoy higher use).

Jishnu Das, Jeffrey Hammer / India / 2007

From the abstract: "The quality of medical care received by patients varies for two reasons: differences in doctors' competence or differences in doctors' practice. Using medical vignettes, we evaluated competence for a sample of doctors in Delhi. One month later, we observed the same doctors in their practice."

Kenneth L. Leonard, Melkiory C. Masatu / Tanzania / 2007

Access to high-quality care is inequitable, where poorer areas with only public providers suffering. Local NGOs provide a high-quality alternative.

Anne Case, Angus Deaton / India, South Africa / 2006

From the abstract: "This paper presents a descriptive account of health and economic status in India and South Africa – countries in very different positions in the international hierarchy of life expectancy and income. The paper emphasizes the lack of any simple and reliable relationship between health and wealth between and within our sites in rural Rajasthan, in a shack township outside of Cape Town, and in a rural South African site that, until 1994, was part of a Bantustan."

Nazmul Chaudhury, Jeffrey Hammer, Michael Kremer, Karthik Muralidharan, F. Halsey Rogers / Global / 2006

From the abstract: "In this paper, we report results from surveys in which enumerators made unannounced visits to primary schools and health clinics in Bangladesh, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Peru, and Uganda and recorded whether they found teachers and health workers in the facilities."

William Easterly / Global / 2006

Current development aid is flawed by paternalism and an inability to react and adapt to real-world, field-level problems.

Mohammad Ali, Michael Emch, Lorenz von Seidlein, Mohammad Yunus, David A Sack, Malla Rao, Jan Holmgren, and John D Clemens / Bangladesh / 2005

From the abstract: "In addition to providing direct protection to vaccine recipients, killed oral cholera vaccines confer significant herd protection to neighbouring non-vaccinated individuals. Use of these vaccines could have a major effect on the burden of cholera in endemic settings."