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Prof. Duflo is interviewed on the French-language radio program, Les Savanturiers. Listen to the broadcast here.


Francisco Gallego, scientific director of J-PAL Latin America, recommends Poor Economics to Chilean readers, highlighting the book's key points and explaining the book's importance in the Chilean context. Read the Spanish-language article here.


Co-author Prof. Esther Duflo is interviewed on the BBC World Service's The Forum. Available for stream or download/podcast from 1/28/2012 here.


Prof. Duflo spoke at a conference at the Paris School of Economics earlier this month. Full video of her presentation can be found here.


French-language review of 'Poor Economics' in La Croix. Read more here.


Prof. Banerjee speaks at the Jaipur Literature Festival. Read more here.


Prof. Banerjee is interviewed in The New York Times' India Ink blog. Read more here.


Co-author Prof. Esther Duflo interviewed in French-language magazine, Réforme.


Prof. Duflo to discuss Poor Economics on La Suite des Idees.


"Esther Duflo proposes a way to overcome the shortcomings of a theoretical way to fight poverty, which has not significantly improved the lives of the billion people living on less than a dollar a day."